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Sam and Christie Lee

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What a beautiful night! So thrilled for the incoming cooler weather and perfect shooting conditions like last evening.

I had the pleasure of photographing my dear friend Christie Lee and her fiancé. What a darling couple. Almost all of their interactions towards each other are subtly romantic and endearing. SO much fun to photograph. AND who could forget their ADORABLE dog, Roo? What a sweet family-to-be!

Enjoy their images, friends! Happy Monday!


Nine Months

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This little lady is already NINE months old! How?! Time moves so fast...

Dempsy's mom had some really fun props to work with at this shoot! A pinterest-inspired mirror theme was a lot of fun to not just shoot but witness as Dempsy interacted with herself. It doesn't get much cuter than watching a child notice another little one mirroring them for the first time!

Looking forward to continuing to capture this babe as she grows! Happy Nine Months, Dempsy!

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All winter long I have dreamt of photographing a pretty girl in the spring blooms; well yesterday that dream finally came true! Bailee's comfort in front of my lens paralleled to few I have photographed before and she was incredibly easy and fun to talk to! Such a fun session.

This gal will be playing hockey at Dartmouth next year; it was so fun talking sports and new endeavors! Thanks for choosing me to capture this phase of your life, Bailee! All the best to you as you embark on a new adventure!


Ben and Jo

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Oh man.

What a BEAUTIFUL place this is! The University of Michigan's Law Quad has always been on my bucket list for a photoshoot. To be able to photograph there after a fresh snowfall?! An absolute dream!

Jo is a former college teammate; it was such a treat to catch up with her and her fiancé. This couples winter wedding in December is going to be a blast and Jo is going to be an absolutely stunning bride!!!! 

Happy engagement you two! Can't wait to capture your Big Day!!

Even Keel

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This blog post is so overdue!!

This session was one of my favorites from 2015. My dear gal-pal and boss lady friend, Keely, from Even Keel Design and I spent a fun few hours photographing her beautiful and unbelievably creative work.

It was my first time leading a styled shoot and I must say, IT WAS SO FUN!! She has so many cool props and her work is just lovely so it was hard to catch an unlikeable image.

Keely does design work for a plethora of things; weddings, parties, greeting cards, and so much more. If you're looking for a more personal way to create your next party invite or favor, check her out!! You'll love her and her style is impeccable.

Thanks for entrusting me to capture the look and feel of your design style, Keels. Love you!


Michigan Friends

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This is the second year in a row that I have had the pleasure of photographing this family. I LOVE getting to document families year to year.

These particular friends are always a riot. The photos where they all appear to be laughing; they're really laughing! And it's contagious!

The holiday season was a busy one for our family this year but, every single happenstance was more than worth it and I am so glad/blessed/honored to have been able to capture so many families while I was home in Michigan!

Hope y'all are having a great week! Cheers to this year!

Josh and Kristi

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This shoot was a blast! These two are a ray of sunshine as I'm sure their little one will be as well!

Congratulations guys! You are going to make a great mom and dad!


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Hope and Steve's Colorado Wedding

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Welcome to December, friends!

This has been a busy busy season for AB Photography so there will be a lot of catching up on the blog in the upcoming weeks!

Here are some fun shots from Hope and Steve's wedding this summer out in Colorado. This venue was gorgeous (The Barn at Raccoon Creek) and the weather could not have been more perfect!

Thanks for allowing me to capture your special day, Smith's! All of the most wonderful blessings on your new marriage.

Dress by: David's Bridal

Cake by: Das Meyer

Flowers by: Flowers Forever

The Cirrito Family

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Hi friends!

This is the Cirrito family! They are just as fun as they are cute and I am so glad to know them.

Last week we adventured together around the countryside of Ohio to a few spots Mrs. Cirrito had found; boy were they just beautiful. The sunset was like a ball of fire on this night and watching it set over the flat land of the country was so romantic and heart-warming.

Shoots like this one make me so thankful for the gift of this business and how it allows me to meet wonderful people who become more than just clients. 

Thanks for a great night together, Cirrito family! You are all just oh, so beautiful.

Janie and Nick

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Wowza; this couple is stunning!

Sidetone: about halfway through the shoot it dawned on me that Janie looks a lot like Lily Aldridge; talk about great cheekbones!

This shoot was so effortless. It was a beautiful and practically perfect fall night; we even had deer casually grazing in the background for a period of time. To top it off, Janie and Nick are incredibly friendly and personable; conversation was cheery and light yet, meaningful. 

I was incredibly thrilled to hang out with these two and snap some images before their wedding in eight weeks!!!

To the happy couple: 
So glad to know you, Nick and Janie. The best of hopes and wishes for your marriage!

The Elam Family

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This family was a riot to photograph!

Fall is in full swing and we surely took advantage of the beauty that is ever-changing during this time of year. I can hardly keep from taking my camera with me everywhere I go these days; the colors in the trees are just breathtaking!

On another note; meeting clients that engage in conversation with genuine interest for what you do and what you're about is so, incredibly humbling and rewarding. I continue to more than enjoy this job with every session I shoot.

Thanks Elam family for a great evening! Hope you LOVE your pics; you're all basically models.



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Had a great senior session with this beauty last night. The sunset was breathtaking and the night was just cool enough to keep us from sweating while we ran from location to location. 

Been a great busy season of shooting; I am getting used to finding time to blog and I think I will resort to sharing my favorite images with you while keeping my writing minimal until things slow down a bit!

I hope you all have had a great start to fall; it is so beautiful out there.

Praise the LORD. Blessed is the man who fears the LORD, who finds great delight in his commands.
Psalm 112:1

A Northern Michigan Wedding

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This busy season has left me little time to blog!

So! To make up for my absence; here are a plethora of images from a wedding I shot a few weeks ago in Northern Michigan. It was absolutely dreamy.

The bride wore a rendition of her mother's wedding gown and her shoes donned lace that her grandmother hand made. The bride's daughter's dress was also hand-stitched by her mother; so much family sentiment in so many things from this day.

At the ceremony, guests stood under an enchanting gazebo that overlooked Grand Traverse Bay while the bride and groom exchanged their vows. 

The bride and her mother picked and arranged the flowers for the tables and bouquets while the mother of the groom baked all of the cake for the wedding! 

The reception was held at The Willowbrook Mill; this place was a dream to photograph at. So many beautiful details were enhanced or kept when the old mill was renovated a few years ago. 

Many times during this day I found myself wiping my eyes or letting out ooh's and aw's; it was truly an honor to photograph this day.

A huge congratulations to Sarah and Morty as they continue their lives together. Marriage is the absolute best.


Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.
Maya Angelou

Denver, Colorado

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Been TOO LONG since the last blog post!

Please excuse my writing absence due to the fact that in the past two and a half weeks, AB Photography has shot three weddings and three additional family and product shoots... WHAT?! 

If you would have asked me three years ago what I would be doing September 2015, I never would have said photographing people's favorite moments. These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of busy and fulfilling craziness that have introduced me to some amazing people and brought me close to relatives in far way places. Life has been pretty great.

These are pics from a few weeks ago in Colorado of my sweet niece and brother-in-law. I'm off to edit. 


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Mr. and Mrs. Farnsworth

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These two are wonderful, wonderful people.

I spent a good few hours with Mr. and Mrs. Farnsworth two weeks ago in compete amazement at their ability to encourage and empower everyone at their own wedding! At the end of that day, I left feeling affirmed in my work while also feeling extremely grateful that these two beautiful souls had found one another to share life with.

The bride was absolutely stunning, to say the least. It was so fun to watch her sweet, French-Canadian mother tirelessly dote on her daughter and weave effortlessly through both English and French as the bridal party got ready for the big day.

At the wedding, I had a few meaningful conversations with the parents of the groom. It was so clear that both the bride and groom not only came from families that loved them and raised them as wholesome individuals, but that their peers thought the world of them; the words shared by their friends at the reception clearly affirmed this.

As a photographer I have a front row seat to witnessing family dynamics, personality traits, and individual characteristics that make up a varying array of people in my part of the world. I am constantly reminded through my job that there are so many good things about this life that we should be focused on. It is people like Mr. and Mrs. Farnsworth that reaffirm that when we choose to do good and be kind, people notice, and they are changed for the better because of it. 

All of that being said; Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Farnsworth!! May your love for one another and for others continue to be the change we all wish to see in this world. 




Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.
Galatians 6:9-10

Back to School

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Today was the best day!

The students are back in Oxford, the year is suddenly a fresh start, people are stoked about the possibilities of the end of 2015, and the weather was practically perfect... AND WE HAD A PHOTOBOOTH!!!

Over the past three years of our marriage, Colin and I have met so many different groups and types of people. It has been so humbling to look back at these varying individuals and realize that God has placed them into our lives with such purpose.

When we were first starting out as a couple, we were surrounded with people who challenged us and somewhat unintentionally pushed us to be adventurers. When we moved south, we were around people who loved on us and encouraged our dreams; praying over our souls with purpose and spiritual maturity that we strived for. Now that we are in Ohio, we are constantly meeting people who are like-minded joy seekers like we are; there are so many people here who share similar goals and aspirations. Every day is like walking into a candy store of friends; every relationship is a little different but so sweet and fulfilling in its own way.

This past year has been a 'stretching' year for us. There are so many happenings that have forced growth in us in ways we didn't know possible. People from all over have loved us intentionally and sought us out; most of them not even knowing our needs or personal state. We are so grateful for ALL of you for following God's call to support us; whether that be through random calls, lunch dates, words of affirmation, or just coming over to spend time with us!

We go to bed tonight anxious for what God has in store for us this next year. Through everything HE IS SO GOOD and we are thrilled that you are all a part of it.


A friend is what the heart needs all the time.
Henry Van Dyke

Mrs. Shasta Good

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This is a big summer for the Liske fam!

My baby brother gets married in a little over a week, there are two grand babies due late this fall, and THIS GIRL IS GETTING MARRIED!!!

This is Shasta; she is arguably my closet cousin. She and I were in the same grade growing up and we had a lot in common; sports, dance, our [identical] hair color etc. Except for one thing; she for sure got all the brains in the gene pool.

Shasta met her fiancé, Jacob, in undergrad at a prestigious college where she pursued two degrees in architecture and engineering. After a few years in grad school in Austin, she received a ton of job offers from all over the country but, in the end, chose to stay in the land of the longhorn.

A few weekends ago, Shasta's sister threw her a shower in Michigan so we were able to catch up back in the midwest. There were so many cute details about the shower, I couldn't resist documenting a good part of it (look at that cake!!). 

So many big things have happened our lives over the past few years and it has been so cool how God has placed Shasta and I close to each other during different phases. For the time God had us in Oklahoma, we were only a few hours from Shasta and other parts of our extended family so we were able to celebrate different things together. One of those things was Shasta and Jacob's engagement over a year ago; time really flies.

This wedding is a long time coming, so we are thrilled that it is almost here!! I am so excited to watch how these two grow together and serve one another in their marriage. 

Can't wait for October 3!


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Garret and Sara

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Hi Friends!!

My hubby and I took a little vacation and thus, work came to a halt for a few weeks... but I'm back! There are so many beautiful photos I want to show all of you! 

[Sidenote: I've learned to rarely announce when we are away on social media because even though people can rejoice with you over your traveling ventures, it also tells people that your home is empty! While we have people stop by our home periodically (including the police; check your local station for vacant-home forms so they can stop by when you're out of town), announcing your arrival to different locations can leave you and your things vulnerable to people who may be excited to see you go. Men who travel: signaling to Facebook that you've arrived on business in an out to town city tells people when your family is home alone! Scary! Sorry to start this post off so strange; we had a friend whose home was broken into shortly after she had posted something on social media and we would hate for something terrible like that to happen to you!]

My first shoot back from vaycay was in the city of Cincinnati with these two lovebirds; Garret and Sara.

Downtown Cincinnati is a dream! We were able to walk right onto the beautiful blue bridge that crosses into Kentucky. We then later headed into the heart of the city and captured Garret and Sara against the backdrops of some creative graffiti that was painted amongst the elegant, new and old world architecture. 

I am a sucker for dramatic beauty and Cincinnati did not disappoint. 

Garret works at Miami University here in Oxford as an athletic trainer. Colin and I spent a lot of time with him this past year and we all learned quite a bit about each other's personal lives in consequence.

It wasn't until a few months ago that we met Sara. 

The whole time we knew Garret we had been building up in our minds what his fiancee would be like. Garret is funny and really good at what he does. He is personable and respectful; he has all the workings of a great teammate/coworker but, even more so, the characteristics of a dedicated friend. 

When we met Sara, she was fairly shy and soft-spoken (it was also Garret's birthday so he was in the spotlight for the night). It's a bummer we didn't get much of a window into her personality that night because she is a load of fun! The four of us (Colin came along as the dog-handler) had such a great time that we headed out to sushi afterwards (Sara's first try). Other than a small incident of Sara unknowingly putting way much wasabi to mix into her soy sauce, we had a blast. 

Sarah and Garret are high school sweethearts.  It is so evident that their love for one another is seasoned and authentic. There were a few times (both on and off camera) that one of them would say a phrase quietly to the other and it would render them both laughing and giggling together. I have so many pictures of Garret (unprompted) looking at Sara with the sweetest look on his face like, "That's my girl."

Their relationship is the real deal and I feel so lucky to have been able to capture their relationship on camera.

I can't wait to know the both of them even more. 


We love because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19


The Clawson Family

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The Clawson Family!

I shot photos last fall for this good-looking crew and it feels like it was more like two years ago that we last got together for images! These boys have grown so fast; time never slows down. Certainly is fun following families as they grow. It's so enjoyable being able to look back over my images and see how people have changed just in the short time AB Photography has been in existence.

This family has been so welcoming to Colin and me here in Oxford. Colin came along to this shoot with me last night (best assistant ever) to entertain the pup. Throughout the hour I spent shooting, I could hear Mr. Clawson and Colin chatting about everything from Colin's job to how many bedrooms you need to have in a rental property to make money.

I love when strangers and clients have the chance to become friends and mentors. Life feels so much more adventurous and fulfilling when you delve into learning more about the people you may only be around for a short while. Moving around so frequently over the past few years has taught me that. 

Colin and I are looking forward to being in Oxford for a while longer. We just finished a big chunk of our landscaping this weekend and I'm excited to see what maturing plants look like for once.

Big thanks to the Clawson's for entrusting me with capturing the faces and personalities of their family on camera. Looking forward to knowing them more.



I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let's face it, friends make life a lot more fun.
Charles R Swindoll