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The Housengas

Allison BoeversComment

For those who don't know, we have a word down here in the south that acts as a cover-all for people who we think are something special; that word is gold.

Well, these people right here, are gold. Straight gold.

This family lives just down the street from my mom and dad. If we leave the door open too long, the dogs quietly sneak out to run down and say a quick hello to Peg and Todd. They are neighbors that, upon our move into Michigan, quickly turned into friends and have furthermore turned into family. They are ALL diligent prayer warriors; they are kind, welcoming, encouraging, understanding, and so much more. They've watched our dogs, cooked meals for events we've hosted at my parents home, given us space in their house for our visitors to sleep, and covered each individual of my own family in prayer during transitions and hard times in our lives. 

They are the true meaning of community and servitude. I will forever admire and respect their ability to cultivate a family that loves and finds time to spend with one another all the while encouraging and supporting each individual in their own calling in life. 

Thanks for modeling godliness and love, Housenga Family. The Liske-Boevers-Sall family loves you!