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The Steenwyk Family

Allison BoeversComment


This mini-session evening will forever be a tough comparison. Each shoot had its own version of magnificent lighting and I can’t get over how easy to work with, every family was; I love this job.

It was really fun to see this family. They were the first to volunteer for a photoshoot back in 2014 when I started taking donations (of any kind) in exchange for pictures. Not long into their shoot we found ourselves in basically a swamp but somehow ended up with some really pretty and creative shots (if I remember correctly). Bless all of them for deciding to come back and give family photos another whirl with me, seeing as they each probably wound up with dozens of mosquito bites… (again, so sorry)!

Anyways, I had a reeeeeally hard time finding my favorite images of this family to share with y'all. This family is so photogenic and relaxed behind the camera! 

Enjoy their pretty faces!