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Baby Mulder!

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WOWowowow it's been hard not to scream this one from the mountaintops for the past few weeks! 

SO looking forward to seeing this mama's belly grow and I cannot WAIT to meet this little babe.

Congratulations Jake and Sara! You are going to make the absolute BEST parents.


The Tenbrink Family

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Last but FOR SURE not least, the Tenbrink Fam!

I'm ready to employ Leslie (mom) as my personal stylist after this shoot. I mean, how rich do these colors look together!? Always a huge fan of jewel tones.

So thrilled at how all of the mini sessions worked out this summer. Hoping to add a few slots to my schedule while I am home this winter!! Still debating on the backdrop/indoor/outdoor theme, but we've got some time!

Happy hump day folks!

The Bouathong Family

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This family is just SO extremely beautiful. Couldn't believe how many great shots we got from our short time together.

With three extremely adventurous and brave brothers, I think Penley may end up having to wait to date until she's married! Sweet, sweet sibling love.

I really have enjoyed these mini shoots this summer. Will definitely find ways to pack in more sessions next time I'm home in MI (maybe even inside!). Stay tuned.

Enjoy your week, friends!

Sooner Born...

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This was a tough secret to keep, y'all! These three have become some of our best pals and we are SO excited that the Lord has blessed them with this baby!

Looking forward to continuing to raise our families together and so thankful to be able to share the common thread of Jesus in our lives. 

Prayers for Baby Gasso and PRAISES for this new life!


Kellie, Ethan, and Carter

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I learned two things during this shoot. The first being that this location bares resemblance to the planet called "Hoth" from Star Wars. The second being, that boy-moms are straight heros. I don't think I could keep up with the pace of these two male adventurers on a consistent basis let alone know (and relate to) 90% of the topics that are flown through amidst conversation.

You go, Kellie.

We had a short and hilarious time together during this session. Can't get over how quickly time has passed and how big these boys are. What a gift life is.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.


The Lappinga Family

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I'm back from a little hiatus (welcome back crazy fall)!

I loved meeting this family! I think I only had to pose them one time; they were all naturals in front of the camera.

Had a chance to chat about college football with dad during this shoot (Boomer Sooner) :) Love that sports always give people something to talk about.

Hope you're all having a great week! Thanks for stopping by!


The Scoggin World Changers

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Three years ago, when Colin and I first lived in Norman, I think we tried to hang out with Kevin and Kelsey five or six times and it just never panned out. We saw each other in passing at church and community gatherings but for some reason, our schedules just never lined up (still mind-boggling to this day)!

FINALLY, after moving away and then back to Norman, we sat down to dinner together, about a week ago, and talked about all of the new endeavors our two families are partaking in; business beginnings, career changes, babies, sleep deprivation (ha), and collaboration (!!) ... the list goes on. It's like we'd never left and been best friends forever.

Last night we took the chance to grab some great photos of Kelsey and Kevin, with their greatest gift ever, Ms. Adeline Grace. MAN she is cute y'all! We also snapped some great photos for Kelsey and her BOOMING business with Lipsense and Senegence, as well as some headshots for Kev because he just, officially, became a real estate agent!!! Go Kev!!

If you're looking for a new line of beauty and lip products that last, shoot me an email and I'd be happy to connect you with Kelsey! She's a no-pressure, honest gal who wants you to feel beautiful in your own skin.

If you're looking for a home, selling a home, or know someone buying or selling a home in the Norman, OKC area, let me know and I will happily connect you with Kevin! He may be new to this career, but God has been stirring a desire and ability for business in him, for quite some time!

Thanks for stopping by! Would love to photograph more Norman/Edmond/OKC friends before the ground gets brown, and the cold weather comes a knocking! Shoot me an email for more details!


The Geerlings Family

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It's safe to say good looks run in this family, I mean, WOW! Even their puppy is photogenic! 

The smiles from the littles in this group are real, y'all (woah the South is really affecting my grammar.... not mad about it). 

You can make a child pose and smile for a picture, but I'll tell you what, you can't fake a genuinely happy kid in a photograph. Those are two happy kids! This family is a really kind group of individuals. Fun fact; we finished this session and all ended up in church together 45 minutes later. Talk about a fun morning!

This family made me feel like we were all old friends by the time we were through. Super thankful to have been connected with them.

Thanks for stopping by to check out the Geerlings! Stay tuned for more great people coming to the blog, soon!


The Roels Part I

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This session was a total dare, and it 100% turned out as dreamy as I had hoped! Guys, there are so many more great images of this fam, its insane.

Taryn is a super talented artistic friend of mine (if I listed everything she is involved in, in the community, y'alls heads would spin) and it is always so fun to photograph her and her family. Something about creative people working together; we get each others' vulnerability in the art we produce and when we build each other up in our respective areas, it just makes creating that much more fun and enjoyable. Taryn has always been a huge supporter of mine (even in the early stages of my business); I am so grateful for her friendship and encouragement in my art!

This is only part one of this family's session. There were just too many great shots that I had to save some for later! Stay tuned in the near future for more of this beautiful gang.

Have a really great week, friends!

The Housengas

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For those who don't know, we have a word down here in the south that acts as a cover-all for people who we think are something special; that word is gold.

Well, these people right here, are gold. Straight gold.

This family lives just down the street from my mom and dad. If we leave the door open too long, the dogs quietly sneak out to run down and say a quick hello to Peg and Todd. They are neighbors that, upon our move into Michigan, quickly turned into friends and have furthermore turned into family. They are ALL diligent prayer warriors; they are kind, welcoming, encouraging, understanding, and so much more. They've watched our dogs, cooked meals for events we've hosted at my parents home, given us space in their house for our visitors to sleep, and covered each individual of my own family in prayer during transitions and hard times in our lives. 

They are the true meaning of community and servitude. I will forever admire and respect their ability to cultivate a family that loves and finds time to spend with one another all the while encouraging and supporting each individual in their own calling in life. 

Thanks for modeling godliness and love, Housenga Family. The Liske-Boevers-Sall family loves you!


The Steenwyk Family

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This mini-session evening will forever be a tough comparison. Each shoot had its own version of magnificent lighting and I can’t get over how easy to work with, every family was; I love this job.

It was really fun to see this family. They were the first to volunteer for a photoshoot back in 2014 when I started taking donations (of any kind) in exchange for pictures. Not long into their shoot we found ourselves in basically a swamp but somehow ended up with some really pretty and creative shots (if I remember correctly). Bless all of them for deciding to come back and give family photos another whirl with me, seeing as they each probably wound up with dozens of mosquito bites… (again, so sorry)!

Anyways, I had a reeeeeally hard time finding my favorite images of this family to share with y'all. This family is so photogenic and relaxed behind the camera! 

Enjoy their pretty faces!

The Maxwell Family

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Guys, this mini was SO FUN.

The challenge to nail a shot composed of multiple young kids is one of my FAVORITE tasks. 

These three boys were a ball. They were promised ice cream if they smiled real sweet; with this incentive in mind, they shot me just enough mischievous grins while remaining inside the lines of "behaving" to earn their reward. Man I love it when we all get what we want and everyone leaves happy!

Thanks for a fun time, Maxwell Fam!

Stay tuned for more sessions coming to the blog this week.


The Fornaess Family

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The first of many Michigan mini-sessions. Had so much fun with these; I wasn't going to blog them but each one turned out so sweet and different, I think I will share them all!

Love this sweet family. I get to photograph them almost every year and it is always so fun catching up. I love getting to see and document how much their littles change as time passes! They are all so sweet and kind; feeling super blessed that clients can become friends.

Stay tuned for more fun sessions.


The Wyse Family

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Taking a short break from our sweet babe, Roman, to show you this cutie fam!

Meet the Wyse Family! Some of our dearest friends; we took these while on our annual, bi-family Fourth of July vacation together. It's been a really sweet tradition to carry these past seven years and it's a lot of fun to capture your friends and their babes.

Also; wish I could put these Utah mountain views in my pocket to pull out at any time. What a view!

Happy Friday, all!



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What a sweet little man. 

Baby Roman wanted to be present for his ENTIRE newborn session; his wide eyes made for some sweet images.

Always such a joy to capture new babies but also (almost even more so) new parents. Looking forward to showing you Roman's three month shots.

Stay tuned...


Marquez Family

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The shots from this session are some of my all-time favorites. I looked forever to find these blossoming trees; for the longest time I couldn't find them anywhere but next to the highway. We lucked out and landed at Hutchins lake near Oklahoma City. 

The shoot itself was definitely a test of this couples endurance, as well as my own. It dropped close to twenty degrees from the time we left their home through when we finished our shoot. It couldn't have been warmer than 45 degrees by the time we left the lake. They were so kind and trusting the entire time; I actually think that the grays and neutrals from the cold sky ended up making this session so elegant. 

Since this shoot, Roman has been born, and we just recently captured his three month birthday. Stay tuned for updates of this beautiful family.


Baby Nix

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How sweet it is to share milestones in life with friends!

Christy and her hubby are due only a few weeks after Colin and I and it has been so fun to experience our first pregnancies together.

For her maternity session, Christy donned a flower crown from her former wedding florist, Kelly Long at Poppy Lane Design, and we shot in Oklahoma City's historic district; Heritage Hill. 

What a perfect way to send Christy into her first baby shower for Baby Nix! 

Congratulations Nix Family! Excited for what the future holds for you!


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What a fun gal!

Carly is a Senior at The University of Oklahoma and she is going to be a world-changer as a teacher next year! This chick is going to make a great, and fun, educator!

Big thanks to Carly for allowing me to capture her final lap of college! All the best as your future unfolds.


Matt and Sam

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Absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather for this West Michigan wedding this past weekend! Was such a treat to photograph these long-time lovebirds and friends as they said I do (SO many heart eyes!!!!).

Extremely thankful for all of my brides this summer. It truly is an honor capturing your love.